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At Rocky Mountain UAVs, we use only top-quality UAVs (Drones) from manufacturers such as DJI and Autel to provide you with professional video and photography services, specializing in construction and building services, we provide high-quality Orthomosaic Mapping using GCP of construction sites, and land, and commercial real estate, and more. We also serve the community by making our pilots and equipment available whenever needed for SAR, Law Enforcement, and Fire Department Missions.
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Rocky Mountain UAV

Industries Ltd.

RMUAVs is Colorado’s premier UAV startup and is here to provide you with the services you need. From construction, commercial real estate, land, and mapping services to search & rescue we are here to help.
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We Use The Best Drones & HD Cameras

Autel Robotics DJI 4K & 6K Optics with 1“ Sensors


of commercial real-estate, construction sites, land, etc.

3D Mapping

of construction sites, buildings, existing facilities, and much more.

Aerial Photography and Videography

orthomosaic and 3D maps of building sites, commercial real estate, and land. Do you need cinema-quality photos and videos? We have a UAV designed for that and used in the film industry worldwide.

Ariel Inspections

Small or large-scale inspections of construction sites, commercial real estate, land, and more. See elevation, and areas of vegetation, calculate aggregate and materials, and more.

Search and Rescue

Able to cover large areas quickly, much faster than ground crews are able to search. Direct Ground Crews quickly to areas of interest that need closer inspection. Able to assist in a lost child or missing at-risk children and adults searches.

How it Works

Start by giving us a call or sending an email and we will chat about your flight and how we can help.

Make Contact

Contact the company and request an engagement meeting to go over your project.

Engagement Meeting

Meet with client collect details of project, Location, type of flight (inspection, 3D mapping, agricultural etc.) client information and other information as needed.

Initial Planning

The information collected in step 2, including the type of flight, is loaded into a flight planning app which tells us if the flight is possible and details like how long it will take, the number of batteries needed etc. this information is used to produce an estimate. This step is repeated for each flight requested.

The Onboarding

the results from step #3 along with any concerns are shared with the client and we move on from there.

Awards & Achievements

FAA Licensed Commerical UAV Pilot

Certified by DHS in Counter Drone Awareness and Response Tactics – “DART“

Certified by the US Department of Homeland Security and New Mexico Tech University in “DART“. DART is short for Drone Awareness and Response Tactics and is Drone Counter Terrorism tactics used to identify, asses, respond and track a drone to try determine its intent. DART can and should be used at any event where lives or property may be at risk of having something dropped or fall from the sky causing injury or property damage. DART can be used at small to large-scale events such as stadium events like football games, outdoor concerts and events. Anywhere a drone over people or equipment represents a “threat“ to Life Safety or damage to expensive equipment such as RVs, Boats, New Construction, and Farm Equipment Shows for example. Anywhere lives or expensive equipment could be injured or damaged by unauthorized Drones operating overhead.
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Our Dedicated Team

Michael Curta

President | Chief Pilot
Experienced FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilot, photographer, videographer, responsible pilot.

Mike built his first R/C airplane with his dad as a young teen and has spent many years flying R/C aircraft and is an FAA Part 107 Pilot. He is a Retired EMT and spent 10+ years working a 911 Ambulance in Denver and more than 25 years total in Public Safety. Since then, he has worked for 21 years in IT/IS for a large Internet and Cable provider. Mike retired again to start his own Drone business to finish out the last few years of working before retiring for good.

The Professional Equipment and Software we Use

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Mike was extremely professional and went over and beyond with his excellent services. Our project also required FAA notification and approval, and Mike handled everything without any issues. I would highly recommend.

Jeffrey Hopkins


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